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Author Topic: Call Handler...  (Read 7400 times)
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« on: February 07, 2005, 14:45:01 PM »


Hi folks,

A few days ago I sent off an application form for the vacancy of Call Handler. Along with the application form, I have also been given a print out on the Job Description, Person Specification and Pay & Conditions, but I would like to know, if possible, how long others have had to wait before they have been called for their assessment day from sending their application.

I would very much appreciate views, insight into the job or any other information on the subject of Call Handler and also, does anyone know what the tests are on the assessment day?

Hope to hear from you




just spoken to my source:

Got invited for the assessment day about 2 weeks after submitting her application.

Assessment consisted of 4 parts which took an hour and a half - two hours total and was described as not very personal in approach, ie no welcome chats or debreifing afterwards.

Part 1:
Audio typing test. 3 mins listening to a tape and typing what was heard. No grammar, the whole test was done with caps lock on. Minimum requirement was 36 words per minute.

Part 2:
Interview - 2 people asking questions. Not really related to the job requirements, general questions. No opportunity to ask anything.

Part 3:
Role play - Couple of scenarios. Instructions on the door outside telling you what your role is. In one scenario she was a store manager, she had to deal with a parent who had lost their child in the store. She could take notes, had to find out all the relevant info and calm the person down. After the scenario had to answer some written questions about it. There was an observer taking notes during it

Part 4:
Telephone role play - had to take 2 calls from disgruntled people complaining about something. Was expected to take all the details and deal with the call.

Assessment not necessarily in the above order as the applicants were split into groups and did them simultaneously each group doing a different scenario at thre same time.

2 weeks after the assessment she got her result. It then took 3 months to start while they did security checks etc.

Hope this helps, any further info just ask...

forgot to mention....this was Herts, your force area might be different!

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« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2005, 22:47:19 PM »


Ive gone for a call handling job for my force, i already work in the comms centre, just a different job, switchboard.

Our force is basicly in dis-array and need all the staff they can get it.   There having lots of part time call takers.  

Sent of my application around December.  Thinking there was a application process upcoming.  Wrong.

Anyway the next advertised positions late feb, closing date 2nd march.  7th March was the paper sift, the monday, and I was contacted around miday.  on the same day the paper sifts began.  Probably helped being the first one in the pile i guest...

Anyway had my Trade Test the following week.  Average 40 minutes, though i did earlier.  

Two Typing tests of like 100 words, memory test... OMG, and 3 practice telephone calls.  

Well I passed all them thank god.  And i have my interview this forthcoming Wednesday.

s the news editor of we want to hear from you.  If you have stories of interest please submit them.
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