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Bulling Your Boots...

Bulling Your Boots...

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Take it from me The Bulling King, what you are about to read is the only guide you should ever follow.
I spent years on Public and Royal duties.
Trust me you know it makes sense.

First, let's talk about Bulling Equipment.

Bulling Rag:- This should be ideally a Jeweller's Cloth, you can purchase one for about 2.50p from, surprisingly, a Jeweller's or Hardware Store.
Failing this, use a brand new Yellow Duster, BUT and this is a big BUT, ensure you wash the duster. If you don't it will leave dye on the boot which will ruin the shine.

Cotton Wool is a good idea for getting that final sparkle to your high shine.

Use ONLY Kiwi black shoe polish, accept no substitutes.
OPPTIONAL - you can use Kiwi brown shoe polish on top of the black for a deeper shine.
DO NOTS - Use Parade Gloss - this goes on thin and cracks badly.
Use things like Klear floor polish, this will give a high shine but if it rains your boots will turn blue.
Be aware there are many ways to cheat, but the instructers at the training centres have probably seen it all before, they will catch you out.
Do not burn down the leather with anything, this is a method used by Guardsmen for smoothing out dimpled leather, you will not need to do this. It also damages the leather and reduces the water proofing.

To begin try to ensure your boots or shoes are broken in, this way they will not crack to badly once they are Bulled and you start wearing them.

Next scoop a small amount of black polish from the tin with your finger, I know it's icky but it must be done.
Smear the polish on the area to be bulled, working it into the leather with your finger, continue this until it appears to be worked in and feels almost dry under your finger.
This layer is  called a skin.
Each skin should be left for 5 minutes before applying the next.
Apply a minimum of 4 skins.
You may need a lot more.
Once you have applied enough skins and have one thick smooth layer of polish, leave your boots to dry for about 15 miutes to 30 minutes.
Then it's onto the next phase.
This should be done whilst watching TV, less stressful.

You must do one boot at a time obviously, unless you have four arms, yes I know we all have forearms.

Anyway, get your Jeweller's Cloth or newly washed and dry Yellow Duster, this will be known as your Bulling Rag.
Twist it over your left or right index finger depending on whether you are left or right handed, this finger will be known as your Bulling Finger.
Now touch the polish with your Bulling Finger, then dip it into water and start doing small circular motions on the boot, this will be quite time consuming and the results are not instant, but continue dipping gently into the polish and water until you feel the bulling area getting smoother, DO NOT LET THET BULLING RAG GET DRY, IT MUST ALWAYS BE MOIST AND HAVE A SMALL AMOUNT OF POLISH ON IT.

You will be Bulling for a long time, and I would advise that you take a few evenings when watching TV to get it completed.
Remember that this is the hard part, once you have achieved your shine you only have to maintain it with  5 - 10 minutes Bulling at night after wearing, unless you damage them.

Once you have achieved a shine you must look at deepening the shine, ie at making the shine into a mirror finish, for this we use dark tan Kiwi polish, bulling small circles of polish on to the black polished area, only bull on about 2 layers which you can bull up to a high shine, if you are not happy with it apply another bulled layer of black and this will sort you out.

At this stage your boots should be of a high standard, but you may see small irritating smears or clouds, DO NOT get stressed out and smash your boots of the floor.
DO, get a piece of cotton wool and some luke warm water, NOT HOT as it will melt the polish. With the wet cotton wool and no more polish do small bulling motions on the polished area for 10 - 20 seconds and hey presto, a high mirror shine.
You may have small droplets of water on your boot now, DO NOT leave them as they will dry and leave marks on your boot.
BLOW THEM OFF, thats right, fill up your lungs and blow.
Consult your doctor before doing this, if you feel faint or dizzy, stop blowing.
Once you have blown the droplets off, you are done.
Time for the pub.

You should now own a pair of boots or shoes that mean more to you than life itself.
They should literaly be mirrors.

I hope this guide helps, if you have any questions please not hestitate to ask.

Sgt Major
Bulling King

Its much easier than that.

1 get new pair shoes from stores before you leave RAF
2 take said pair of shoes to station painters.
3 donate £2 to their T bar fund.
4 pick up shoes few days later with toecaps like glass.

They're still like glass two years later. All I have to do is give them a wipe with some furniture polish once in a while.

Good idea for public duties, but hardly practical for patrolling. And as there are no parades at training school any more I cn't really see the point!

What about personal pride BB?  :-? NOt for every day duties, but if your on duty around a Rememberance parade or similar.


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